Hotels and Hookers

January 25, 2019
Posted in Nastia 6.9
January 25, 2019 Dj Schweinmann

hotels and hookers

I love hotels and hookers.

Nastia and I don’t have a home. We usually just sleep at a friend’s place or hook up with someone. When we have extra cash we love to get a hotel somewhere on the strip.

I love everything about hotels, the neon lights, the smell of sanitizer, the vending machine food, the free ice.

Recently we shot a video for our new song “My Body,” that will be out soon on Dionysian Mysteries.

We had money left over in our budget so we got a cheap hotel room and had a big party. I picked up this hooker and made him dance for me. He was a great dancer. Don’t judge me. I’m a pig.

Here is another pic of me watching him dance. Oh man, I look so happy. I was really happy. It’s not every day I get to sleep in a hotel room and pay a guy to dance for me.

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