Area 6.9 Free Download

September 18, 2019
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September 18, 2019 Nastia 6.9

Area 69 Free Download

After Storming Area 51, bring all your Aliens to Area 69. Freaky Aliens only.

Area 69 is an exclusive club for those who want to get freaky with an alien (so basically everyone. Duh.

Our benevolent overlord Nastia 6.9 and Dj Scweinmann have your exclusive all access pass to Area 69. Access is free to celebrate the launch of Nastia 6.9 Records’ first release N69001. Download our new song free from Mediafire.

Scroll down for instruction to enter Area 69.

Area 69 Free Download

How to Enter Area 69

  1. Download a free copy of Area 69 by Nastia 6.9
  2. Lie on your bed, wearing headphones, play our new song.
  3. Close your Eyes.
  4. Picture yourself as a body of white light.
  5. Now change your human body of light into an alien version.
  6. Project your consciousness into Area 69.

So easy, anyone can do it!

Area 69

Special thanks to Track Listings 3.0 for premiering Area 69 on Soundcloud.

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